Business model

So how does the DAO function?

Perion consists of 2 distinct DAO structures, working in tandem to serve organizational needs. We seek to drive value to our larger community through governance that will trend towards being more decentralized over time


The CoreDAO seeks to harness the economic potential of the Metaverse and functions as the revenue generation arm of the organisation. Economic activities are carried out within the CoreDAO Treasury and include:
  • Leasing of NFT gaming assets to the Perion community
  • Purchase of NFT assets, tokens and SAFTs
  • Breeding, mining and other in-game economic activities
  • Racing (Zed run)
  • Streaming service payments
  • Yield farming activities
  • Rotation of capital between USD <> Ecosystem tokens
  • Acting in VC/launchpad role for new titles, leveraging our community and understanding of p2e mechanics
  • Long term, strategic holdings in NFT games assets and tokens
  • Promotional partnerships with NFT gaming platforms
  • Creation of in-guild NFTs, clothing and content
  • Creation and hosting of events related to NFT gaming
  • Development of pay-to-play immersive experience within games (Sandbox etc.)
  • Building of NFT gaming tools, software and financial instruments
To date Perion's primary source of revenue is lease agreements with scholars--Axies are lent to our team at a cost of 50% of play-to-earn revenue


The GameDAO will function as the distribution arm of the Perion ecosystem, it will seek to directly develop innovative methods of co-operation in collaboration with third-party NFT games and will blur the line between revenue share (boring) and gaming (fun)
A detailed view on GameDAO functionality and proposed distribution mechanism is provided in the Organization overview section

Key considerations

The primary consideration for us and the building of the Perion team--What's the most effective use for our dollar today. We expect the NFT gaming space to move rapidly and as with any new market it will be filled with opportunity and risk. We will take measured risk and maintain a quality first approach, as when the NFT gaming market begins to move toward efficiency, only the efficient will survive
Though we currently see a trend towards the pay-to-enter model of Axie Infinity, we do not envisage this will be the only structure observed in years to come--The tracking of emergent trends and rapid movement on change will be the key to DAO longevity
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