The power in playing to win.

Current payout structures within the play-to-earn environment are based upon competitive Matchmaking Rank (MMR), which equates to a players position on the global PVP leaderboard. This competitive play is where Perion outshines the competition
  • Within the Axie Infinity ecosystem:
    • 51% of Perion scholars are ranked in the top 2.5% of global PVP rankings*
    • 25% of Perion scholars are receiving the top allocation of 21 SLP / win (2200+ MMR)*
    • 26% of Perion scholars receive the 2nd highest allocation of 18 SLP / win (2000+ MMR)*
    • Perion scholar average daily earnings are 288 SLP / day (384% the industry standard )
    • Owing to our automated systems of management the Perion treasury is able to collect 50% of scholar revenue, 500% that of our competitors
    • Most importantly Perion scholars in the Philippines receive an annualized revenue 195% that of the Filipino national average (assuming SLP price of 0.12c)
*Omitting players joining < 2 weeks from date of study in order to account for learning curve


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