The GameDAO will be an innovative entity operating independently of the CoreDAO, distributing Perion Credits through interactive means


  • The GameDAO is an exciting proposition and seeks to leverage the interconnected nature of the Metaverse, positioning PERC at the forefront of the broader NFT gaming experience


  • The distribution of GameDAO tokens and overall governance will be decided upon via a quadratic voting mechanism, enabled by the staking of PERC tokens. This ensures all DAO members are engaged and receive fair representation, maintaining the spirit in which the project is intended

Plans / principles

  • The exciting interconnected nature of DeFi and NFT gaming leaves much room for exploring how tokens are distributed, this may be across any number of methods including partnership with NFT gaming platforms, development of in-house competitions and NFTs
  • The single most important requirement of the GameDAO PERC distribution will be that it will occur in a format that is inclusive to ALL participants of the ecosystem
  • Overall value of PERC payouts will be partially tiered in proportion to PERC staked, though ultimately governed by gaming skill