Governance model


The Perion DAOs will ultimately be governed by the community of stakeholders, via proposals held using PERC token snapshots

Voting Mechanisms

DAO governance structure will be designed in a way that selects competent individuals for allocation of DAO assets, while creating fair mechanisms for distribution of DAO rewards
It is highly recommended that all CoreDAO subcommittee members hold a baseline value of the PERC token to ensure they act in the best interests of all involved


  • The CoreDAO subcommittee size will be a recommended 3-5 persons, with a stipend of 10% split equally between them. The Core contributors will functions as the initial CoreDAO subcommittee, though the decision of whether they remain in that role will ultimately be at the behest of the community, through utilising the voting functionality of the PERC governance protocol
  • The subcommittee model--When viewed through the lens of intended CoreDAO functions--Strikes a balance between effective decision making, community participation and decentralisation, and as such has been agree upon as the appropriate method of governance


  • GameDAO distribution proposals will be submitted to the proposal portal. Proposal voting will be based upon a Quadratic voting mechanism to ensure fair representation for the community at large
  • The quadratic voting model has been decided upon the most effective way to incentive GameDAO participation, inline with the intended functions of the GameDAO

Community boost

  • Community boost will again be based upon a Quadratic voting mechanism to ensure fair representation for the community at large

Subcommittee governance mechanism

Internally all governance and economic decisions within the CoreDAO subcommittee make use of a majority: >= (n+1) / 2 model, with n representing the number of subcommittee members--Any proposed transactions need to be confirmed by this majority of subcommittee members, with votes actioned on-chain via subcommittee member Trezor wallets, attached as signatories to the Perion Gnosis safe

Systems utilized

  • Proposals for DAO actions will be posted on discourse and taken to vote
  • Votes will be counted utilizing a snapshot
Asset storage:
Further details surrounding governance mechanism, proposals, snapshots etc will be uploaded here as they become available