Perion Staking
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Perion staking and incentives program

Please read on and familiarise yourself with all documentation before joining the incentives program
Native PERC staking has arrived. In the following documentation we'll guide you through navigating the staking dashboard, the types of staking reward pools available, how to connect and provide SushiSwap liquidity, as well as claiming your staking rewards.
Our staking contract has been audited by Certik, click here to view the audit certificate


The Perion participation incentive program is designed with the goal of incentivising Perion ecosystem participation, for the benefit of all DAO members. Claiming PERC tokens requires interacting with Perion via voting, social platform interaction and other contribution mechanisms, helping all DAO participants to collectively grow the PERC ecosystem

Reward pools

There are currently 2 PERC staking reward pools:
  • PERC / ETH SushiSwap LP staking
  • PERC single-sided staking
To incentivise PERC SushiSwap liquidity providers, the balance of distributed PERC rewards is weighted as follows:
  • 80% of PERC rewards to the PERC/ETH LP staking pool
  • 20% of PERC rewards to single-sided PERC staking pool
SushiSwap PERC/ETC LP staking requires a multi-step process, you can learn more about LP staking on this page
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