Perion Staking

How rewards work

The Basics

  • The staking program for PERC and SushiSwap PERC/ETH LP tokens offers a linear distribution of PERC rewards over a period of 6 years, totalling 6% of the total token supply. This equates to 1 million PERC, per year.
  • To receive rewards, you must stake either PERC tokens or SushiSwap ETH/PERC LP tokens, as well as participating in the action required to claim. See claiming rewards for further details
  • 20% of PERC rewards are designated for the PERC single sided staking pool, with the remaining 80% of rewards allocated to the SushiSwap PERC/ETH LP pool.
  • New claimable rewards accrue every 24 hours at 06:00 UTC


sPERC or sPERC-LP is used to determine the "weight" or value of a wallet's stake in the staking pool, and is used to calculate how much PERC rewards may be received by each wallet connected to the staking platform:
  • User who stake SushiSwap LP tokens will receive sPERC-LP
  • Users who stake single sided PERC will receive sPERC
sPERC and sPERC-LP is automatically generated and added to every staking participant's wallet

Calculating the rewards multiplier

To reward longterm ecosystem participation, the rewards structure includes a multiplier that increases the amount of sPERC or sPERC-LP a users receives, based on the length of time tokens are locked up. The highest multiplier of 36x is awarded to those who lock up their tokens for 3 years. The reward multiplier is calculated as follows:
  • DepositedAmount= The Deposited PERC or SushiSwap LP token
  • MaxMultiplier = 36x
  • LockDuration = The user specified length of locking (1 - 36 months)
  • MaxLockDuration= 36 months
In basic terms this means users who lock for a longer time period, will be able to access far more rewards, than users who stake for a shorter time period
Utilising a long lock duration and topping up claimed rewards is a great way to maximise ecosystem participation and receive greater rewards