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The Gaming SubDAO seeks to grow with Web3 gaming, becoming a marketing machine integrated into the future of both eSports and gaming/internet culture at large. The Gaming SubDAO will seek opportunities for value capture within Web3 gaming ecosystems whether by entering tournaments, creation of content, hosting, winning of prize-pools and securing sponsorships. There may be a time where the Gaming SubDAO engages the Treasury SubDAO to develop quantitative strategies related to Web3 game economies

Becoming a player

Players wishing to play under the Perion gaming banner should first enter our discord and follow the instructions there to apply. Player engagements are not a relationship of employment, and the player contracts clearly stipulate distribution of rewards


As part of their duties the Gaming subcommittee members must participate in development updates detailing usage of allocated resources and Treasury snapshots. Presently updates are housed in the Perion Medium and Substack, though this may change over time. Check the Official links page for details

Current subcommittee:

Lien C: 0x52C5EFD5949E3A6e83157d5A41f1Bbed0921E11C
Amos W: 0x0E57EefdD1eDb66e4984c3E3026A48189F4B064C
Mitch P: 0xb9F686e51038A6F05Ae7D8d18Ae8F1D4c7f6dcF0

Governance updates

Inline with GFM-001:
  • An eSports coach was hired for the Axie Infinity team
Inline with GFM-002:
  • The Axie eSports team was sunset
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