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Web3 gaming represents a generational opportunity, though this opportunity remains elusive for the uninitiated, unconnected and under-resourced. The Treasury Core SubDAO will seek to utilise Perion resources to support the future mainstays of the Web3.0 gaming ecosystem through funding their projects

Other responsibilities

The Treasury SubDAO will have 2 other chief responsibilities, being:
  • Accounting: Tracking Perion transactions and monitoring the overall wellbeing of the DAO ecosystem. This will serve as an important decision making tool for assessing runway and allow insight for those participating in the governance process
  • Legal: The Treasury SubDAO will be responsible for legal costs associated with maintaining the DAOs legal compliance and good regulatory standing


Quarterly updates: As part of their duties the Treasury subcommittee will develop both treasury updates, outlining treasury allocations and behaviour quarterly, while they may also participate in any relevant development updates. Presently updates are housed in the Perion Medium and Substack. Reports will be attached to the funding mandates under the reporting section

Confidential information

As the Treasury SubDAO participates in allocation rounds that are not open to the public, they may be required to keep certain information confidential (pitch-decks, term-sheets etc). This should be detailed in any funding mandate, using the appropriate section

Current subcommittee:

Mike T: 0xCBF4A24b36e124CC277944b5672FD33b3ea7d29f
Jan H: 0x98b729F0212AC8a4647c70dCFbf982439372Eaf9
Mitch P: 0xb9F686e51038A6F05Ae7D8d18Ae8F1D4c7f6dcF0
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