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The product SubDAO aims to leverage the DAOs network of contributors to develop products that utilise Web3 technology to onboard users into the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Perion developed product will aim to utilise the PERC token, providing an added utility layer. Being interoperable, PERC can also be freely integrated into any product in the Web3 ecosystem

Other responsibilities

The Treasury SubDAO will have 2 other responsibilities being:
  • Core platforms: Ensuring the functioning of the DAO, maintaining the Perion website, platforms etc
  • Awareness: Ensuring awareness for the core Perion platforms (DAO, social media etc) and external facing products

Product development

The development of product is a unique feature of the Product SubDAO. It is a function of the SubDAO to develop product roadmaps, evaluate market fit and create MVPs with the assistance of members of the Support SubDAO

Product growth

Should a product perform well in testing the product subcommittee may elect to develop a proposal outlining a plan for further funding, development etc, to provide further runway. At a time the subcommittee may elect to develop a proposal to detach the product into its own token economy subject to the prevailing model of Perion DAO governance, and community sentiment at the applicable time. No reliance is to be placed on the receipt of new ecosystem tokens as part of your purchase of PERC and/or participation in the Perion DAO community


As part of their duties the Product subcommittee members must participate in development updates detailing usage of allocated resources and product development updates. Note: Some lenience should be given to the product subcommittee in revealing platform details as they may need to bake in defensibility. Presently updates are housed in the Perion Medium and Substack. Check the Official links page for more details

Current subcommittee:

Mike T: 0xCBF4A24b36e124CC277944b5672FD33b3ea7d29f
Lien C: 0x52C5EFD5949E3A6e83157d5A41f1Bbed0921E11C
Amos W: 0x0E57EefdD1eDb66e4984c3E3026A48189F4B064C
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