The goal of the Perion governance model is to achieve maximal growth for Perion, within the Web3 gaming ecosystem, in a decentralised system that is ultimately governed via PERC holders. The structure of the DAO strikes a balance between informed decision making, decentralisation and community participation.

All of the listed components or modules of the DAO have unique functionality and governance systems. These various segments of the DAO interact via proposal, voting and election mechanics.

Overview of governance functionality


Governance: Facilitates funding for Core SubDAOs initiatives.


  • Perion contributors submit mandates for funding

  • Votes are helf to pass or deny funding proposals

  • If the threshold required to pass a vote is met the given proposal is funded

Core SubDAOs

Governance: Subcommittee governance.


  • Core SubDAOs are governed by a Subcommittee and function as voting entities

  • Activities are funded as per proposals

  • Subcommittee elections commence in Phase 2 of governance

Support SubDAO

Governance: CoreDAO subcommittees govern Support SubDAO contributors.


  • The Support SubDAO is comprised of DAO contributors

  • Core SubDAOs utilise Support SubDAO contributors for required works, as per proposals

  • Core SubDAOs may expand the pool of supporting contributors

Community DAO

Governance: Community governance.


  • Comprised of PERC holders

  • Develop and vote on proposals

  • Elect Independent validators and SubDAO subcommittees

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