Perion DAOs mission is to accelerate the shift to Web3.0 gaming.

Token and Governance

Perion Credits (PERC) are token of Perion. Decision making across the Perion DAO ecosystem is facilitated by governance token voting, utilising PERC tokens
The DAO is split into a grants module and several SubDAOs, with each segment utilising differing methods of governance. Distributing the decision making operations via SubDAOs and modules facilitates greater decentralisation of both governance processes, and DAO treasury functions
SubDAOs fall under several categories within the Perion ecosystem, again each category is defined by unique methods of governance, the categories are as follows:
  • Core SubDAOs
  • Support SubDAO
  • Community SubDAO
The governance of Core SubDAOs is key to the functioning of the Perion ecosystem. Governance at the Core SubDAO level is facilitated by 3-5 contributors, forming a distributed decision making group referred to as a subcommittee. A Core SubDAO may be assigned a percentage of DAO treasury assets, after interacting with Treasury grants module via a unique proposal and voting system
Further information detailing the PERC token, governance interactions of the SubDAO can be found in the following pages
For a complete overview of the DAO structure and governance overview see Governance


As mentioned, the Perion DAO consists of 3 types of SubDAO, and a Treasury grants module. Each DAO has a unique focus within the Web3 gaming ecosystem
Further details surrounding the goals and behaviour of the SubDAOs can be found in the following pages

Core SubDAOs

Core SubDAOs are the growth vehicles of the Perion ecosystem, each Core SubDAO is an independent entity focussed on distinct areas of opportunity within the Web3 gaming ecosystem

Support SubDAO

The support SubDAO performs works. Having a Support SubDAO ensures all development, operations, and other functional capacities are fulfilled effectively. It is its own SubDAO in order to further decentralise the organisation

Community SubDAO

The Community SubDAO is a wholly community governed entity, facilitating resource distribution and the election of subcommittee contributors, within the Perion ecosystem. Participating in the Community SubDAO governance process will be a key requirement to accessing ecosystem participation rewards

Treasury grants module

The Treasury grants module is the vehicle through which Core SubDAOs secure funding. It operates independently of the SubDAOs, facilitating cross SubDAO consensus in order to fund allocation mandates, while facilitating functional guardrails and reporting mechanics